This listing is for a *LARGE*  about 4.25ft in length and 14"-20" in Height


We specialize in custom LED neon signs, personalized neon signs, neon signs for weddings, business and restaurant neon signs, custom neon sidewalk signs, bar signs, and aesthetic neon artwork for custom home décor. Our custom neon installations light up homes, offices, stores, bars, cafes, shopping malls, weddings, parties and events everywhere.


Want an image or logo?

We can do that too! We can create virtually anything you need.  Email us at with your logo, company name, tag line or any artwork you would like to turn into a stylish glowing sign.


To give you a better idea on sizing, a lower case letter is at minimum 4"W x 3"H and an upper case 8"W x 6"H.

Generally for one line text sign, there is an  8 inch minimum height length required. Custom sign prices vary based on the requested size and number of letters.


Neon light signs are making a serious comeback thanks to a new, safer, more energy efficient and affordable material - LED neon flex. While vintage neon signs used glass neon tubes, modern neon is allowing a new generation to enjoy a high quality neon experience with a greater range of options while costing significantly less!