Placing an order

  • What's included in your rental?

We want our letters to be both an exciting and effortless part of your event. A standard order includes use of your selected letters for up to 24 hours and our rental service. The service begins by coordinating all rental logistics in advance. On the event date, we deliver, setup and breakdown your order within the agreed schedule.

  • Are longer rental periods possible?

Yes, longer rental periods are available at an additional cost.

  • Can I pick-up the letters myself instead of using your service?

We do not offer self-service rentals. This is due to liability issues.

  • How do I reserve my marquee letters?

After we confirm price and availability, we will send you an invoice. Your order will be reserved in our schedule when you have paid your deposit.

  • How much deposit is required when I place my order?

We require 50% deposit for orders placed more than one month in advance, with the balance due one month before your event. Orders placed less than one month before an event are due in full at time of order.

  • How far in advance of my event should I reserve my order?

We encourage you to reserve as early as possible to guarantee availability of the letters you select on your requested date.

Displaying the lights

  • How much space in my floor plan do the letters require?

The letters stand four feet tall and will range from two to three feet wide, so plan on three linear feet of floor space per letter when considering the placement in your floor plan.

  • Can the letters be placed on tabletops or other raised surfaces?

 The letters are designed to be floor standing as each letter weighs between 40-60 pounds. In some cases they may be placed in certain raised spaces. We will work with you and your venue to identify a safe and suitable placement before the event.

  • Can these letters be used outdoors?

Our letters are designed for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. Placing the lights in an unsheltered outdoor setting is possible as long as we define a 'plan B' placement with you and your venue for inclement weather.

  • Can the letters be moved from one place to another during a rental?

For the protection of your liability and ours, we do not recommend moving the lights once our setup is complete.

  • What if a bulb goes out during my rental?

All rentals include a supply of spare bulbs just in case. During setup we make sure your venue or designated contact knows what to do if this happens.